Can you contract any type of disease just from shaving your legs?

Unfortunately, shaving, or waxing, could cause the skin disease folliculitis (an inflammation around the hair follicles that causes red bumps) or pseudo-folliculitis, another name for ingrown hairs, says Dr. Catherine Zip of The Dermatology Centre in Calgary. "The closer the shave, the more likely you are to have problems," she says. Problem prevention? "Use an electric razor [not as close a shave], shave with the direction of the hair, and use an alphahydroxy acid containing an emollient after shaving." OuchI Won't that sting? "It can, [but only] momentarily. " Serious diseases such as hepatitis C and AIDS are carried in the bloodstream and can be transmitted by coming into contact with someone else's blood, so don't share razors with anyone.

FLARE Magazine OCTOBER 1999

October 1999 by Hartley Miltchin, D.P.M.

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